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Danielle Foushee About

Generous Adventure is a creative studio led by award-winning designer and fine artist Danielle Foushée. The studio focuses on collaborations and projects that propogate a spirit of openness and exploration. It specializes in branding and design projects for cultural, educational, youth-oriented, environmental, and non-profit organizations. Generous Adventure seeks to work with organizations and companies that believe in the power of consistent branding and innovative design to drive market growth.

Owner and Creative Director Danielle Foushée has worked as a design consultant, artist, and educator for over ten years. Her work with The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising resulted in a 300% increase in student enrollment over eight years. Additionally, her efforts to update the collateral at The Museum of Contemporary Art initiated the process that restuctured their entire visual identity. Ms. Foushée’s consulting practice has resulted in a number of successful collaborations that you will see throughout the site.

As a college-level design professor for ten years, Ms. Foushée shares her passion for graphic design and the visual arts with students. She leads a variety of courses including typography, design studios, and research seminars. She taught at Art Center College of Design, University of California Los Angeles, University of Southern California, Otis College of Art & Design, Utah State University, and is currently teaching at Mesa State College.

Ms. Foushée continues a personal explorative practice that uses experimentation and research to generate new graphic ideas. The philosophy of Generous Adventure demands creative discipline that results in the most innovative solutions to our clients’ communications problems.

As part of her ongoing personal creative expansion, Ms. Foushée works as a practicing fine artist. She works in a variety of media and explores ways in which visual and physical texture can enhance the emotive qualities of the painted surface. As an extension of her professional graphic design work, Ms. Foushée enjoys using collage and mixed media to create sylized paintings that are inspired by relationships of body and mind, and the sometimes contradictory concepts of nature and popular culture. Her work also includes representational landscapes inspired by her travels around the American West.

Generous Adventure finds the middle ground between seemingly conflicting ides: wilderness and civilization, simplicity and materialism, stillness and activity, silence and language. it is our challenge to promote balance over excess, generosity over consumption, and curiosity over indifference as prevailing cultural values.