Phoenix Mural Project

The Phoenix Mural Project began in 2015 before I ever moved to Phoenix. I became obsessed with the quality of the local murals, their complex narratives, and living histories. Little did I know that I would move to Phoenix less than a year later, and thank goodness I did! Ever since I arrived, I've become obsessed with learning about and documenting the paintings I find on my urban hikes through the city.

When I realized I had over 250 different images, I thought it was high time I map them for the artists and the community, and as a document of our locally-focused street art culture—I think it's unusual for a city this size to have such a vibrant local street painting scene. I'm fascinated by the stories, the themes, the neighborhoods, the symbolism, the history, and the fact that Phoenix is such a unique art city.

This is a work in progress. I'm always adding new pics, trying to catch up with captions and attributions, and eventually hope to build a comprehensive interpretive resource for residents and visitors alike.